“Halal supervisor capability is more assured”

Alhamdulillah with this certification, InsyaAllah halal supervisor capability is more assured because professionally certified by LSP LPPOM MUI.

Nurul Fuadah / Symrise Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

“Personnel competence guarantee for the company”

LSP LPPOM MUI can provide assurance to the company that the personnel responsible in Halal Assurance System implementation has no doubt its competence and it will be an additional value for the certified personnel.

Competency certification process by LPPOM MUI LSP is done professionally, accurately and transparently. The certification system taken is occupational certification where all the criteria are tested so that the halal supervisor should understand all the criteria and critical points in the implementation process of HAS. Hopefully with the existence of professional certification for all halal supervisors, the implementation of SJH can be more tested and remain consistent in maintaining consumer trust.

Siti Nurhayati / PT Nutrifood Indonesia

“Halal supervisor can implement Halal Assurance System in the wider scope of industry”

The certification process goes through three stages: a test of skill knowledge attitude, a case study and an interview, with a good assessor.

The certification process runs objectively, the halal supervisor may appeal if there is unsuitable process, it makes the halal supervisor increase their knowledge and their expertise in wider industry scope (not just one scope). For example, halal supervisor in restaurant is not only tested about halal in restaurant but also halal in the food and beverage factory, it is expected that halal supervisor can implement Halal Assurance System in the wider scope of industry.

Halal is one of the important instruments in the industry, besides food safety and product quality, Human Resources from Indonesia and abroad who work in Halal field will be more and more, with halal supervisor certification is expected to be competent Human Resources to face the era of free trade.

Tb. Imam Gazali / PT Rekso Nasional Food